For me, this is something a bit special. I do not pretend to be a whisky connoisseur, having little knowledge of what I like or what is available. But it is something that slowly, tasting session by trial bottle, I am working out for myself and this bottle of 16 year old single malt Scapa from Orkney is a keeper.

The Scapa distillery is based near another favourite distillery of mine, Highland Park which might help to account for why I like it. ‘The Orcadian’ for me is a very simple, clean, uncomplicated whisky which is lovely and drinkable but not at the detriment of flavour.

This would be an ideal, entry level whisky for people looking to take a leap up from the Highland Park price of around £30 to the Scapa’s treat worthy £50. Seasoned drinkers of whisky may find it lacking in depth but I love it and will get a bottle in for Christmas and New Year.

“The initially controversial 16yo official expression of Scapa is now winning people round with a jump in quality after a few wobbly years following the rapid transition from the much-loved 12yo via the short-lived 14yo. Orkney’s less shouted about (but still lovely in its own way) malt whisky has found its feet.” (The Whisky Exchange)

Scapa Distillery

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